10 Home Selling Tips for the Fall

When listing your home during the fall, there are a fewthings to keep in mind to keep your home looking fresh regardless of the weather outside.

  1. As faldownloadl weather descends, leaves fall and plants turn in for the winter. I recommend a weekly landscaping tidy-up of the yard and plant beds, removing any dead foliage and raking the ground. In the event of a windstorm, additional yard tidying may be necessary.
  2. A clean roof is imperative for making the buyer feel comfortable in the stability of the home. Therefore, I also recommend that leaves and other debris are regularly cleared off.
  3. Since it is getting darker earlier, lighting is even more important. Outdoor lighting can be a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Home improvement stores usually have outdoor lighting on sale or clearance this time of year and a small investment in a hard-wired system can provide quite an impact.
  4. Unless you will be setting the stage for each showing, I recommend keeping the lights on throughout the day. Although this may add a few dollars to your electric bill, in my experience this pays off in a quicker sale.
  5. Although you may keep more heat in your house by closing blinds and curtains, resist the urge to do so during the day. Buyers need to feel that a home is open and bright.
  6. In order to keep your house smelling fresh and clean, opening the windows once a week on a sunny day can help circulate the air. Changing the filters in the furnace or using a carpet freshener may also help although avoid strong-smelling air fresheners as many buyers are sensitive to these strong smells.
  7. Put out a welcome mat that actually catches dirt and rainwater before it enters your house. Even if we have a “please remove your shoes” policy, dirt and excess rainwater quickly can leave mud by the front door – not a great way to welcome buyers who come later!
  8. Resist the urge to turn the thermostat down during the day. Adjusting to below 68 degrees can make the home viewing experience uncomfortable which is not conducive to a home sale.
  9. If one of your heat sources is a non-wood-burning fireplace that comes on automatically if the temperature drops, make sure this is in operation as it provides wonderful ambience.
  10. If bringing out your winter clothes has your closet looking packed, consider removing some of the bulkier items to provide some breathing room. An overstuffed closet sends the message that it is not big enough to hold a household’s belongings, so you are better to store lesser-used items offsite while the home is listed.

There are many advantages to selling during the fall and winter months – with less inventory buyers are more serious about finding the right home and homes that stand out and look fresh will get attention. If you are considering selling your home, please give me a call: (206) 790-0081 or send an email: [email protected].