Sellers, Where Are You?

As spring arrives, the housing market becomes active as well. Sellers bring their homes on the market and buyers are looking to buy. While we are seeing an increase in the number of homes available, there is still a serious SHORTAGE of homes available. Case in point, a $535,000 listing in Ballard just had more than 40 offers and went into contract significantly above the list price!

Now, this is not the norm. Homes are generally selling within about 5% of list price, and most are receiving multiple offers (but nowhere near 40).
So why are you waiting to bring your home on? Do you think you’ll be able to get more money if you wait? That’s not necessarily the case. As interest rates rise, buying power decreases; that is, buyers will not be able to afford as much. As more inventory comes on the market, buyers will have more choices and you might not get as many offers or as high a price.
There is no better time to sell a home than NOW. Call or email me to discuss further.