Real Estate Today

I just returned from the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) convention in New Orleans. My understanding is that more than 20,000 Realtors attended the event. The convention was filled with speakers, workshops, and vendors, sharing their knowledge, experience, and products.

There were hundreds of vendors at the expo, selling everything including jewelry, how-to-books, websites, and lead generation programs. Exhibitors included well known companies such as Zillow and Trulia and smaller ones that most have probably not heard of before.

The best workshop I attended was led by David Knox. David is an expert on pricing, selling, and negotiation. The reason I appreciated this session was that it focused on what is important in real estate today: relationships, trust, pricing, and negotiation. It wasn’t about the hottest new technology toy or how to buy clients through the Internet. It was back to the basics, this is how you do a real estate transaction. It encouraged open communication between broker and client, building a trusting working relationship.

At the core of my business model, I believe in developing relationships with my clients. Integrity and honesty are key components of how I work. I want to help each individual client meet their real estate need; I’d rather close less transactions per year and know that my clients will truly appreciate and benefit from the services I provide.